“FC Goa will challenge Bengaluru FC for ISL,” claims Chinglensana
Author : Ishan Mohan
Date:17-12-2018 07:18:34PM

Adidas on Saturday officially launched another edition of the Tango League and an 8 v 8 turf at the

Adidas branch The Base at Chattarpur, New Delhi. FC Goa defender, Chinglensana Singh inaugurated the two-day football league and unveiled the trophy.

Tango League comprises of players between the age group of 16 to 25 years, has an exciting set of rules for the youth to enjoy the beautiful game of football to its best.

During the event, I (Ishan Mohan) sat down with the India and FC Goa Centre back, Chinglensana Singh and asked him about Tango League, FC Goa, and ISL..

I M: How important was the win against an inform North East United side, as it made sure that FC Goa leapfrogs them in the league table?

CS: It was just what the team needed before going into the Winter Break. It is very important, before going to our friends and family to have that happy feeling, spending Christmas, New Year.  So collectively we, the team did it and we won and I am very happy for the team.

I M: FC Goa signed Carlos Penna this season, how important he has become for the team? Is he helping you on and off the field??

C S: I get to learn a lot from him, he is a very experienced campaigner, so, I get to learn a lot from him on the pitch as well as off the pitch. These kind of players are the players that you play with and you learn from them.

Off the field, when you sitting beside him or flying(traveling), that’s the kind of experience he possesses. You learn how to maintain yourself as a football player, how
to maintain yourself in front of the fans, what type of food you should eat, before the matches, before the training. Even on your off days also, you learn a lot from the foreigners.

I M: Just like last season, although you guys have been amazing in the attacking department, you still struggle in the defensive department. Why is it so?

CS: Sometimes it is unfortunate, the goals we have conceded in the way we have done, sometimes it is the lapse of concentration but we play as a whole, our game starts from the back, from the goalkeeper we start our attack, we have to credit our goals for that too. It is a team game, we all our responsibility, not just the defense but we need to rectify it and making mistakes is normal and rectifying those mistakes is an important thing.

I M: With such a massive win against NorthEast, can we see Goa giving Bengaluru FC a tough competition this season for the title?

C S: Of course, it’s not just about Bengaluru FC, it’s about any team that comes in our way we are ready to challenge, we just want to win the trophy, whichever team comes we have to beat them.

I M: What would you like to say about the Tango League organized by Adidas and how will promote the Football in India?

C S: I wish I had the opportunity that these youngsters are getting, The Adidas Tango League is an extremely popular urban football concept across the globe and I congratulate Adidas for bringing this to India and fueling the rising fever of football which gives a chance to anyone and everyone to follow their passion of playing football. With brands like Adidas coming forward and providing to be an agent of a profession, such grass root efforts are an evident boost for youngsters.