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Highlights Moto Sasaki UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Final 2018
Author : Shivangi Tiwari
Date:01-01-2019 02:15:56PM

Japanese flatland legend Moto Sasaki, secured 2nd place in the UCI BMX Flatland World Cup Final.  If Japan is the heart of BMX flatland, then Moto Sasaki is its soul. This legend of the Japanese scene has been around for over a decade progressing the ever-evolving landscape of the flatland scene. Moto was crowned the Number One Flatlander Of The Year not once, but twice, in 2010 and 2011. And, in more recent years, he’s been hitting the BMX Flatland World Circuit in 2015, proving that he’s one of the most consistent riders in the world after finishing fourth overall in the year-long, five contest series. In 2016, look for Moto to continue to refine his incredibly technical riding to new levels and hit the World Circuit harder than ever.

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